Your outdoor experience is just that. Yours. Your apparel should be, too.

MADE custom technical apparel. Made to measure. Designed by you.

The Perfect Fit. Guaranteed.

Every piece by MADE is covered by our Perfect Fit Guarantee. Sleeves too long? Little tight in the shoulders? We got you.

Our Fit Philosophy
Your kit. Your way.

You choose the details for your apparel - from materials and color to pockets and hood. How you want it is how we'll build it.

Get Started
Sustainable thinking.

In our effort to challenge the ideas of "how things are done" we look at new ways to solve old problems behind our impact left on the planet.

Sustainability by Made

How Your Kit Should Fit

Let's talk about fit here for a minute. What does perfect fit look like for your ski or snowboard outerwear? More importantly, what does it feel like? How does your individual style play into all of this?

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Design Consultations

Book a virtual appointment with the MADE team. We can answer your custom apparel questions, help direct your measurements, and give product advice - all from home.

Just don't ask us about your weird rash... that's a whole different video chat service.

Sustainability From the Ground Up

The whole idea of made-to-measure apparel creates a more sustainable supply chain across manufacturing, storage, and shipping practices.

We take that even further with materials, waterproofing, end-of-life planning, and more simply because it is the right thing to do.